Ellen Calver

Honeybee Preschool

Ellen has worked in childcare for a number of years now and is currently undertaking her Bachelor of Education (Primary/ Early childhood).

Ellen’s Teaching Philosophy

I believe children deserve the right to play and grow in a nurturing and supportive environment. Children are resourceful and capable learners and I will respect this by maintaining high expectations in a play based learning environment where children can take pleasure in achievements.

I value the benefits of natural resources in the learning environment both indoor and outdoor to facilitate exploration. I will work collaboratively sharing knowledge and experience openly.

I believe families are most important contributors in a child’s development. Families are encouraged to actively participate in the service sharing cultures, experiences and knowledge in an open and flexible atmosphere.

Vanessa Barnes.

Honeybee Preschool

Vanessa has gained many years of experience in a variety of early childhood settings , but has dedicated herself to preschool over the last nine years. Vanessa holds a diploma in children’s services.

Vanessa’s Teaching Philosophy

I believe that each child is a unique individual and that children have an innate passion for learning. As an educator I hope I facilitate this learning path by providing an environment rich in imagination and knowledge collaboratively with children. Families and the environment

Melissa Thompson.

Honeybee Preschool

Melissa is the owner of Honeybee preschool and after many years working as a diploma trained educator, she has completed her Bachelor of Teaching (early Childhood).

Mel’s Teaching Philosophy.

I believe play is the most valuable tool for learning. I endeavour to provide a programme that is open ended and fun that captures the interest of the children involved.

I believe that early childhood is an amazing time where children have the opportunity to explore their environment and connect to their world.

Children should be given time and space to connect their knowledge and develop new skills, and I will provide opportunities that allow children to use the learning processes of inquiry, problem solving and creative and critical thinking.


Molly Heap and Jessica Moffitt. Molly and Jess have recently joined our team and both are undertaking their diploma of children's services.