Honeybee Preschool

Thank you for inquiring about our Pre School - The following information has been compiled to let you know a little bit more about the service we provide.

General Information

The Pre School is open from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday and is open 48 weeks per year. (We are closed for four weeks over the Christmas Period.) Positions are available from one day up to five days, with any combination of days. Honeybee provides places for 28 children per day between the ages of 2 and 6 years.


Full fee With Daily Rate $74
Maximum CCB* $46.48 Families may also be entitled to CCR*
These fees are current at time of printing however are subject to change without notice.

*Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate are subsidies provided by the Federal Government. Please contact the Family Assistance Office to be assessed and approved for this payment. Once a position has been offered to you, a Registration fee of $50.00 is payable to ensure confirmation of your position.

This fee covers administration costs associated with the enrollment of your child Pre School hat. This fee is non refundable should you withdraw your child, and payable each year your child attends.


We have a dedicated team of educators who have a range of qualifications and experience. All educators are committed to providing calm, relaxed, happy and aesthetically pleasing learning environments where children can learn and develop. Educators are always approachable and happy to discuss any matters which may concern you.

Melissa Thompson : Owner / Nominated Supervisor ( Bachelor of Teaching - early childhood; Graduate certificate in autism studies) Full time educator
Vanessa Barnes : Part Time Teacher ( Diploma in Social Science) Mon ,Wed, Fri
Ellen Calver : Full Time Teacher ( Diploma in Children’s Services) currently upgrading to Bachelor of education ( early childhood/primary)
Molly Heap - part time teacher upgrading to a diploma in children's services (Tues- Friday)
Jess Moffitt part time teacher upgrading to a diploma in children's services (Monday- Thursday)

Family Involvement

Honeybee Preschool invites and encourages all parents and family members to become involved in our Pre School.

Parents and friends are welcome to come on a visit to our centre, attend excursions through the year or come along to our social events, where families can come together to get to know each other.

Educational Program and School Readiness.

At Honeybee, we provide a holistic and educational programme for all children, catering to each child’s individual abilities. Educators are qualified to observe and assess children’s skills, interests and abilities and the curriculum is planned in order to promote and extend these areas.

The focus of our program is to provide children with the opportunity to engage in play based learning, as a means of connecting new knowledge and skills. Children and families are valued as contributors to the programme, and the interests of children form the basis for our curriculum. Families have opportunities both formally and informally to contribute to the curriculum and their child’s learning journey is shared continually.

The Educators at Honeybee preschool are highly aware of children’s abilities and needs and provide experiences which are open ended and promote creative and critical thinking.


Here at Honeybee Preschool we believe children need room to be able to properly explore their surroundings and experiment with a variety of resources and equipment. We give all children the opportunity and encouragement to develop a greater understanding of their world around them and promote a respect for the environment in which they live. Our Pre School has been set up in the knowledge that children learn best in an environment which is properly structured and organised. Small areas are designed to allow children to use all activities without interruption and allow children a high degree of autonomy in choosing the way in which they structure their time. Both the indoor and outdoor settings are set up with materials which are of interest andvalue to the children.


All equipment and materials used at our Pre School have been selected for their educational value and their physical quality. Wood, metal, clay and more natural materials have been selected in preference to plastic and other manufactured articles. Each piece of equipment has a purpose. Resources are arranged so that where appropriate children are able to access them independently. Children then learn the value

Waiting List Application

By filling out the attached waiting list application, your child’s name will be placed on the Pre School’s waiting list and filed in order of when the form was received. When a position becomes available you will be notified by either a phone call or by mail, you will need to respond quickly, as positions will be filled if there is no reply. Please feel free to contact the Pre School when it gets closer to your requested start date to check on the likelihood of a position.

Once again thank you for your interest in our Pre School and we look forward to seeing you soon.